The Center for Neural Repair
Department of Neurosciences
University of California, San Diego

Mark H. Tuszynski, M.D., Ph.D., Director

The Center for Neural Repair studies anatomical, electrophysiological and functional plasticity in the intact and injured adult central nervous system (CNS).

We focus in particular on the effects of growth factors in modulating central nervous system plasticity. Models studied in the lab include:

1) Plasticity and cell degeneration in aging and Alzheimer's disease.

In models of aging and Alzheimer’s disease in rodents and primates, we study the ability of neurotrophic factors delivered by gene therapy to modulate cellular plasticity, survival and cognitive function.

2) Axonal plasticity and regeneration after spinal cord injury (SCI).

In rodent and primate models of spinal cord injury, we examine the influences of growth factors, extracellular matrix molecules and combinatorial treatments in promoting axonal sprouting and regeneration, together with functional recovery.

3) Mechanisms of learning and memory in the intact adult brain.

In the intact brain, we examine changes in neuronal structure and function that occur during normal learning, and the role of neurotrophic factors in modulating these changes.